Patricia Falcetta

Autism and Neurodiversity Expert

My vision is for a world where people with Autism and other diversity are accepted, integrated and recognised as valuable members of society. It begins with education to reduce ignorance, or in some cases, even fear. As a neurodiversity and Autism key note speaker I share my expertise and vision with your audience as a step towards that future.

The following key note presentations can be tailored to suit the needs of your audience or event. Please contact me if you would like to discuss tailoring options.

My background and qualifications are available on my about page. For a copy of my press kit, please contact me directly.


Putting the Awesome into Autism

Learn the secret value of employing someone with Autism and the enormous benefit they bring to the workplace.

This presentation will help you to harness the strengths of your neurodiverse employees by supporting them and utilising their strengths. It provides you with the tools in order to help them thrive.

THIS Ability. My Vision

My vision is for a world where people with Autism and other diversity are accepted, integrated and recognised as valuable members of society.

Considering neurodiversity as a movement for inclusion, I see it where the LGBTIQ+ movement was 30 or 40 years ago: full of individuals coming up against ignorance and fear.

I have witnessed mothers stopping thieir child from playing with another as soon as it became known that child had an Autism diagnosis. In this presentation I look towards the future and what we can do to expedite acceptance, integration and recognition of neurodiverse individuals.


Neurotypical vs Neurodiverse

What is inclusion? What does it really mean? How does this impact the way we see neurodiversity?

In this presentation we learn some shocking truths. The realities of acceptance vs ignorance. The life trajectory of a neurodiverse person compared to that of a neurotypical person. Misperceptions of what a neurodiverse mind is, and what it all really means.

Leading on the Spectrum

Available as a key note presentation or in house workshop, Leading on the Spectrum, is for leaders of diverse teams to create a culture of inclusivity in the workplace.

Covering topics including the definition of neurodiversity and common signs in the workplace, insights, strategies and supports managers can use to create and sustain a team culture that truly embraces all differences but especially neurodiversity.


Mindset Shifts

From years of experience with neurodiverse individuals, I present my unique perspective on the growth mindset both for neurodiverse individuals and those around them.

I will talk about how diversity in the workplace can shift teams towards more positive, inclusive mindsets that in turn support growth mindset development, including the way neurodiverse outside the box thinking can help.

We will also look at how to support individuals who see the world through a neurodiverse lens of black and white towards achieving the advantages of a growth mindset themselves.

Autism the World Over

As the developed world begin to gain better understanding of neurodiversity, we must remember this is not the case in many less developed nations.

In many places there remains much shame and fear around Autism and neurodiversity. In some cultures, children on the Autism spectrum are locked away in darkened rooms, sometimes chained to furniture or victims of sexual abuse.

Bringing change on a global scale to stop this violation of Human Rights is a huge part of why I do what I do. Change starts with awareness and conversation. So we change the world one conversation at a time.


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Bangalore, July 2020

Women’s Economic Forum

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Start Up Grind – ‘Business Directed and Led on the Autism Spectrum’


Canberra Chapter Meeting, 2019

Women With Altitude

Business Directed and Led on the Autism Spectrum

Patricia has brought to us as a chapter and to me more personally so much knowledge and value regarding Autism, especially that Autism still has a lot of misconceptions in the region. Moreover, she is very helpful, flexible and very organised, she was able to deliver the workshop with simplify and passion. She supported her workshop with useful informatics and insights. Basically one of the smoothest and informative workshops conducted though our chapter, and honestly would love to work with her in more depth regarding ‘business on the autistic spectrum’

Soha El Baklawry, 2021

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