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The FamilyJoy Program

10 Week Program
Starting Monday 12th July
7:30am – 9:00pm

Think of the Family Joy Program similar to a Lonely Planet Guide. Your neurodiverse child will certainly feel like a fish out of water; as if they are living in a foreign country, in this world adapted to suit neurotypicals. It is your guide, your map to joy within your household. It is a guided step by step tour towards, harmony in your household.

The program takes you through a journey where you truly come to understand neurodiversity, and, the many strengths that come with it. This then in turn provides you with the tools of how to best support your child and nurture yourself at the same time.

The program supports you to support your child; to assist your child in a way that supports them to become the best they can be.  It enables you to be their tour guide through life as a neurodiverse person in a neurotypical world. You will feel empowered to help your child grow and develop positive self-confidence and esteem, and not feel like a fish out of water but to feel accepted and loved in their own diversity for this is what makes them unique!

The program and accompanying guide also supports you as parent/s to embrace you child’s neurodiversity and give you the tools to be the best possible advocates for them in their journey throughout life.

“Patricia has provided our family with many resources and much information. She has provided me with many ideas and different approaches to help my son until we found what best works for him. She is flexible and encouraging and willing to try different approaches until finding the approach that best suits your family and your child.”

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