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The ‘Leading on the Spectrum – A Manager’s Field Guide’ workshop

Current 2021 workshop dates are:
25 March, 13 May and 17 June.

‘Excellent program, especially in small group format which allowed for more “intimate” sharing.’

Commonwealth Public Servant, Executive Level participant, December 2020. 

The ‘Leading on the Spectrum – A Manager’s Field Guide’ workshop aims to arm APS and EL team managers with leadership skills and strategies for bringing out the best in their neuro diverse team members. It directly aligns with outcomes in the APSC diversity agenda (and most likely your agency’s Diversity Strategy). 

Participants can expect the workshop to be highly interactive. It is facilitated through guided conversations and peer learning and we help to: 

1. be better prepared for managing adults in the workplace that are on the spectrum; and 

2. Create/enhance an inclusive team environment 

In a small group of up to 10 participants we cover the following: 

1. What is Neurodiversity? A deeper understanding of the conditions and common signs in the workplace. 

2. Insights, strategies and supports you as a manager can use to get the most out of your neuro diverse team members. 

3. How to create and sustain a team culture that embraces difference. 

‘Excellent! Very much needed (capability, awareness, tools) in the workforce and workplace. Flexible delivery was helpful. So many takeaways, ideas and options for me to be explored.’

Commonwealth Public Servant, Executive Level participant, December 2020.

Research tells us the numbers are increasing for people diagnosed with Autism and other Neurodiversity. Jodie and Patricia share a passion for accepting difference and harnessing the strengths that come from it. They firmly believe by joining forces they deliver a program which offers you valuable support for enhancing your capability to manage neurodiverse team members and create an inclusive high performance team environment. 

Jodie Stephenson

Jodie Stephenson

Senior Partner and Company Director

Jodie has worked in both private and public enterprises for over 25 years. She is an experienced DISC facilitator and Executive Coach with a keen sense for business improvement opportunities.

She is a passionate advocate of behaviour drives performance. Her work with individuals and teams leads to businesses improvement and higher quality outcomes.

Jodie has a track record for delivering results in complex international and domestic environments. Her broad cross sectorial experience enables her to see issues through many lenses and helps Jodie to guide cultural change and improve individual, team and organisation performance.

Patricia Falcetta

Patricia Falcetta

Autism/Neurodiversity Expert. Author, Professional Speaker

Patricia is an expert in the area of Autism. She supports managers to effectively lead and support their your neurodiverse employees and diverse teams. She also helps families with neurodiverse children, ( those with Autism, ADHD and associated conditions), transform from daily stress into joy and a sense of relief.

As a keynote speaker, Patricia delivers powerful keynotes for audiences of 30 to 3000 people for both the public and private sectors; most recently presented at the Women’s Economic Forum in Bangalore, India on “Differently Abled People Overcoming Challenges.

Her vision is a world where people with Autism and neurodiversity are accepted, integrated and recognised as valued members of society.