Family Joy Program

A Program for Neurodiverse Families

The program typically takes 10 weeks of guided support.

(In Australia, if NDIS funded falls into the Capacity Building Category – Improved Daily Activity of NDIS funding.)

Family Joy Group Program

  • Limited to 7 households (per 10-week session)
  • $2500 AUD (per household) for full payment.
  • $2800 AUD for payment plan (per household)
  • For payment plan: ($500 AUD as deposit and 4 fortnightly payments of $575 AUD)

Family Joy Program
for Individual Families

  • Limited to 7 households (per 10-week session)
  • $3500 AUD (per household) for full payment
  • $3800 AUD (per household) for a payment plan
  • For payment plan: ($500 AUD as deposit and 4 fortnightly payments of $750 AUD)

Goals for your Family

  • To have better peace, joy, and balance
    with your household’s daily life.
  • For you, the parents, to feel less overwhelmed
    by your children’s individual challenges.
  • For your children to be able to live more
    harmoniously together with a better
    understanding of each other’s needs and more
    tolerance of one another.
  • For your children to feel more comfortable
    within your family dynamic.
  • For your whole family to have better interactions with one another and to be able to better communicate your needs to one another without becoming impatient or aggressive.
  • More mutual respect, less yelling on all parts!
  • We examine respite, rest and rejuvination
    for you, the parents, both individually and
    as a couple.
  • A copy of Joanne Rutter Holbrook’s Book: Your Passport To Parenting: Wisdom from Around the World to Help Build Happy Families (Value: $60 Including postage).
  • 3 x 1.5 hr private sessions with Patricia Falcetta to discuss any concerns or
    questions you want to cover.
  • A library of additional resources on Neurodiversity.

Program Details

Commencing on: Tuesday, 19th of July 2022

10:00am – 11:30am AEST (for both Australian and International audiences)
8:00pm – 9:30pm AEST (for both Australian and International audiences)

*For International Audiences, Check your timezone here.


Proposed Program

Support you to identify what you want to change within your family dynamics.

Assist you to identify the obstacles you are currently experiencing and how to overcome them.

Help you establish your very own family motto and long-term vision for the family. Together, we create a family vision board for your family to work towards betterment.

Help you balance happiness, peace, and ultimately joy in your day-to-day lives. We will look at (S.H.A.R.E) Spirituality, Happiness, Accounts, Relationships, and Exercise.

Support you in regards to parenting style.

Examine and support your parenting to engender a more peaceful household.

Closely examine all routines within your family unit and identity where changes need to be made.

Examine your parenting routines around these factors and identify where you need support.
Explain the deposits and withdrawals concept to be able to help your children with emotional regulation and pacing of selves.

Examine your family behaviours and see where we can make changes.

Examine your family trust and support – trust of siblings of one another. Look at established patterns of behaviour and how we can change these.

Look at the language that is being used within your home between all parties. Siblings, parents, and extended family.

Provide support around the concept of a growth mindset and how to bring this into your household.

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