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Join me each month as I share my insights and experiences with neurodiversity. Learn and discuss how we can all move towards a truly inclusive society. Here you will find tips, information, and a safe sense of community.

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How to Have a Happy Family

How to Have a Happy Family

Embracing the values that make your family unique by learning to connect (or reconnect) through communication, compromise and prioritising relationships within the family can take your family from stress to a place of family joy and happiness.

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Christmas Tips for Neurodiverse Families

Christmas Tips for Neurodiverse Families

There are three simple rules I keep coming back to. I recommend them to my clients and I try to remember them myself. They are essential for neurodiverse families at this holiday time of the year....

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Nurturing Neurodiversity Podcast

Join Sammy Anne (Map the Maze) and Patricia Falcetta (Social Living Solutions) as they discuss Nurturing Neurodiversity; all the ways we can create a truly inclusive society.
We aim to educate, connect and inspire. We do this by sharing with you our stories, experiences and relevant research, along with neurodiverse voices.

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The Family Joy Program

Think of the Family Joy program similar to a Lonely Planet Guide. It is your guide, your map to joy within your household. It is a guided step by step tour towards ,peace in your household.


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